Games in Development

Extinction Wars

Take command of humanity’s final, defiant war against extinction at the hands of self-aware medical nanomachines. A daring fusion of Advance Wars style tactical combat, and StarCraft style asymmetric factions, with an epic story-driven campaign.

Event Horizon

In this action-focused RPG, utilize a revolutionary combat system to save all of time and space! With ability acquisition that changes based on how you play the game, a dynamic battlefield, and multiplayer co-op, saving the timeline never felt so fun!

Purgatory: Soul Wars

Liberate or dominate the souls of the afterlife in an SRPG that will take you through Heaven, Hell, and everything in between!

Waveform 2

Waveform 2 is the sequel to the critically-acclaimed, 4-time Canadian Videogame Award nominee Waveform. Control a wave of light in an action-packed, synesthetic experience like no other!