Games in Development

Toy Soldiers HD

Command antique WWI Toy Soldiers in the trench-filled battlefields of Europe. Deploy an exciting arsenal of guns, artillery, flamethrowers, tanks and planes to defend your WWI toy dioramas. Toy Soldiers allows you to take direct control of individual units or command the entire battlefield from above.

Extinction Wars

Take command of humanity’s final, defiant war against extinction at the hands of self-aware medical nanomachines. A daring fusion of Advance Wars style tactical combat, and StarCraft style asymmetric factions, with an epic story-driven campaign.

Event Horizon

In this action-focused RPG, utilize a revolutionary combat system to save all of time and space! With ability acquisition that changes based on how you play the game, a dynamic battlefield, and multiplayer co-op, saving the timeline never felt so fun!

Purgatory: Soul Wars

Liberate or dominate the souls of the afterlife in an SRPG that will take you through Heaven, Hell, and everything in between!

Waveform 2

Waveform 2 is the sequel to the critically-acclaimed, 4-time Canadian Videogame Award nominee Waveform. Control a wave of light in an action-packed, synesthetic experience like no other!