Modern Games, Timeless Gameplay

Our team, collectively and playfully known as the ‘Eden Industrialists’, is a fusion of senior AAA talent, each with decades of experience in the games industry, and the passionate, vibrant auteurs that make Vancouver a worldwide destination for creativity and technological wonder.


Eden Industries was founded in 2010 in Vancouver, Canada as a fusion of mainstream AAA talent and the vibrant, creative indie scene flourishing in Vancouver. This unique combination has given Eden Industries a unique culture of experienced, professional, and battle-hardened veterans that are also passionate kids at heart that want nothing more than to bring joy to the world through beautiful, fun, and engaging videogames.


Our developers have decades of experience with PC and console hardware from the PS1 to the present. We understand the nuances of each platform and ensure that every game we work on is a faithful port and appreciated by its audience.

Learn more about our remaster of Toy Soldiers and our port of it to PC and all consoles.


Engineering is the foundational strength of Eden Industries. Across all game engine, tools, mechanics, systems, or any other technical challenges imaginable, our engineers are excited to put their skills and prowess into making amazing games.

Discover what our engineers put together while working on Mortal Kombat 1.


We’ve built original games from start to finish and contributed to huge AAA games. Our experienced team of developers across all disciplines (engineering, art, design, audio, etc.) can help bring your game to life with the utmost care and quality.

Our work on Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, for example, involved a cross-disciplinary team.


Optimizing games is not just a specialty of ours, it’s a true passion. Whether your game uses Unreal, Unity, or a proprietary engine, our highly-skilled team can squeeze every bit of extra frametime and memory necessary to hit performance targets.

Learn about how we helped optimize Hogwarts Legacy for the Nintendo Switch.

Strike Team

When things are on fire and time is of the essence, we can help restore stability and get the game back on track. While game development is always difficult and unpredictable, we thrive on technical challenges and bringing order into chaos.

See how we parachuted into the Call of Duty engine to help turn turn things around.