Waveform releases on mobile as Wavefront!

It was a long time coming, but it finally happened: Waveform on mobile!

Over the years we’ve received countless requests for Waveform to be available on iOS and Android. I still remember one of the early reviews of the PC version of Waveform indicating one of the negative things about the game was that there wasn’t a mobile version! Well folks, that is all remedied today with the release of Waveform on iOS, and Android to follow!

One thing you may be wondering is: why was the game’s name changed from Waveform to Wavefront? To answer that, let me back up a step and give some insight into how this all came about.

So, despite being told constantly that Waveform would work great on mobile (and even an early prototype in February 2013 that confirmed it), I was hesitant to release Waveform on mobile simply because it is an extremely competitive market where new apps are released, and subsequently buried, instantly. With development on Citizens of Earth in full-swing by this point, I wasn’t convinced that it’d be worth it to devote time to the mobile release of Waveform.

But then, out of the blue one day, I received an e-mail from DeNA. They expressed how much they liked Waveform on PC and asked if I’d be interested in collaborating to bring it to mobile devices. Not only did this seem like the missing piece I needed in order to make Waveform successful on mobile (given DeNA’s experience in that market), but I had already been a fan of DeNA’s mobile games. In fact I’d say it’s fair to say DeNA was (and still is, especially now that we’re working together!) my favourite mobile publisher as I definitely played their games more than any other.

Fast forward a few months, a contract has been signed and a partnership struck! But, there’s only one problem: for legal reasons, DeNA wanted to trademark the game’s name and “Waveform” was already trademarked (I don’t remember exactly by what. I think Canon has a printer or something called Waveform). We tossed a few ideas back and forth before I remembered that a reasonably large number of people actually referred to Waveform as “Wavefront” for some reason. It was close to the original name and one that people already seemed to like calling it anyway, and it stuck!

So, thanks to DeNA, Waveform arrives as Wavefront on mobile devices, and there was much rejoicing around the world! But I’ve already rambled on way too long, just go play the game already!