In addition to the members of Eden Industries, there were many contributors that lent their time and talents to creating Waveform:

Scott McFadyen – Audio Designer


Scott gave Waveform not just a sound track, but a soundscape. The motive that guided the composition of the accompanying music and design of sound effects could be summed up as: retro futurism. “I was trying to imagine the future as it looked to us from 1984. What would a video game sound like if I was playing it in a Syd Mead drawing?”

Favorite Games

  • Soul Calibur II – Xbox
  • Halo 2 – Xbox
  • Super Mario Bros. 3 – NES


Drew McLean – Render Programmer


Without Drew’s expertise at making the visuals of Waveform come alive, you’d be left looking at a pretty dull game. Responsible for the post-process effects, particle system, and animation system in Waveform, Drew’s contribution was invaluable. Although Drew’s time on Waveform was short, his time with us mirrored the nature of his contribution: it’s not always obvious, but we’d sure miss it if it wasn’t there!

Favourite Games

  • Diablo 2 – PC
  • Star Fox – SNES
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past – SNES


Kyle Dyck – Level Designer


Kyle stepped in to help out on Waveform during a crucial middle-period of the development, when the landscape of Waveform was a bit of a wild west. Most of the game mechanics were done, but there weren’t any levels utilizing them! Kyle put the mechanics through their paces and showed how each could be made fun. Although he hasn’t been around for a while now, many of his levels are still in the game and will ship in near-original form, over a year after they were created!

Favorite Games

  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past – SNES
  • Tales of Symphonia – Gamecube
  • Dragon Age – PC


Various Artists

A number of artists worked on Waveform throughout its development, each contributing their time and talents for a bit before making room for another artist down the road. Here’s the list of artists that contributed in chronological order:


Ethan Lee – Mac/Linux Ports


After the release of Waveform, Ethan contacted Eden Industries about porting the game to the Mac and Linux. We were all too happy to take him up on his offer! Waveform is now available on Mac and Linux, in addition to the original Windows platform.

Favorite Games

  • Metroid Prime – GCN
  • Quake 2 – PC
  • Super Mario Sunshine – GCN