The early days of our studio were rooted in pushing the boundaries of games through bringing our own creations into the world. This had both a technical side, as we created our own proprietary multi-platform game engine (the Eden Engine) to develop these games, and a design side through creating unique stories, gameplay mechanics, and visual aesthetics. We had a number of successful releases such as our first game, Waveform, a 4-time nominee at the Canadian Videogame Awards. Our second game, Citizens of Earth, was a huge departure, trading the atmospheric and rhythmic action of Waveform for a modern-themed, comedic, turn-based RPG. This game, published by Atlus, was nominated for two Best of E3 awards. We followed this up with Citizens of Space, published by Sega, and Citizens Unite!: Earth x Space, published by Kemco. 

After a decade of working together as a team, focused mostly on our internal projects with some occasional work-for-hire projects, our experience, passion, and technical prowess allowed us to explode in growth as we rapidly began working on a variety of huge AAA projects. Within a year, we were working on Hogwarts Legacy, Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, Mortal Kombat 1, Fortnite, and Disney Mirrorverse. These projects spanned proprietary engines, Unreal 4 and 5, and Unity. Our many years of never shying away from technical challenges made us perfect partners to assist with these huge, complex projects.

Where We Are Today

Today, Eden Industries continues to grow and thrive. Our strong engineering foundation allows us to assist in any aspect of game development, including porting, optimization, tool and pipeline development, game engine development, creating gameplay mechanics, UI, LiveOps, etc. At the same time, our passion and creativity shines through in our art, game/level design, and audio creations.

Our name ‘Eden Industries’ reflects our vision — we want to create beautiful works of art that reflect the purity of games as a limitless medium of fun and engagement while also bringing to bear all of the modern techniques and technological mastery that goes into making games today.

Let’s make a beautiful, fun, technological marvel of gaming together.