When the Switch version of Hogwarts Legacy was having extreme performance and platform-specific difficulties, we were recommended by Nintendo as a development team capable of making the Switch version all that it could be. Based on this recommendation, we were hired to join the project at a time when the Switch version ran at about 2 FPSm and looked atrocious compared to the other platforms, and helped make it into a game that reviewers and players struggle to imagine is actually running on the Nintendo Switch hardware. Although the Nintendo Switch was the primary platform we worked on, we additionally assisted on optimizations for PS4 and Xbox One.

Our Role

  • Converting rendering from Deferred to Forward to maximize performance on Nintendo Switch
  • Shader optimization and Switch-specific fixes
  • Terrain optimization
  • Physics optimization
  • Texture optimization
  • Audio optimization
  • UI optimization
  • Streaming optimization
  • Blueprint optimization
  • General recommendations for maximizing performance of Unreal Engine