Based on our existing relationship built upon writing tools and technology for Kabam, we were asked by Kabam to port Disney Mirrorverse to Nintendo Switch. Since the game was built in Unity and the mobile game versions already struggled with CPU utilization, we knew this would be a challenge given the Switch’s slow CPU even when compared with modern mobile devices. Despite these challenges, we were able to provide a Switch port running at 30 FPS that was ready for Kabam to make further Switch-specific content changes for the Switch release.

Our Role

  • Implementing eShop support and connecting it to Kabam’s in-game purchase server
  • Supporting Switch controller input and creating a platform-independent input manager to assist Kabam with adding future platform input methods
  • Creating Switch implementations for all of Kabam’s custom in-house Unity library
  • Garbage collection optimization
  • VFX optimization
  • Gameplay logic optimization
  • General algorithmic and data structure optimization
  • Various performance improvements across the codebase