Activision’s ambitious mobile release, Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, was struggling in a variety of areas and they were looking for a team that could come onto the project and assist across the board. Our team assisted with a wide variety of engineering tasks, creative and imaginative art for optional content that players could purchase, and our Chief Creative Officer even had the rare distinction of being asked to join Activision’s internal review board due to his unique aesthetic eye.

Our Role

  • Worked as a first-response strike team responding to high priority runtime crashes and build failures
  • Sat on Activision’s internal art review board to review assets from all worldwide vendors and provide creative direction
  • Developed new tools and extended the functionality of existing ones
  • Created an end-to-end LiveOps solution from the in-game UI to the backend server technology in coordination with Demonware
  • Devised concept art for emblems, trinkets, skins, and many other types of decorative and optional content; this concept art was used by our team and also provided to other art studios that struggled with coming up with imaginative concepts
  • Created production art (2D art, 2D animations, 3D models, 3D textures) out of our concept art