The remaster of Toy Soldiers, originally released on Xbox 360, was going very poorly so we were brought on to replace the developer that had originally been hired to create the remaster. We were in charge of all engineering necessary to release the game on all target platforms.

Our Role

  • Port the game’s proprietary engine onto all target platforms, including implementing platform-specific features like rendering, input, audio, etc.
  • Add support for new languages that the original didn’t support, such as Korean and Chinese, for release into new target markets
  • Update the UI for a modern audience
  • Fix gameplay issues that were present in the original release
  • Implement networking via Epic Online Services for a consistent, platform-independent networking framework including matchmaking, lobbies, and packet transmission
  • Work directly with Epic to help them fix a bug in their Switch implementation of Epic Online Services
  • Optimize rendering and lighting to achieve stable and consistent target framerates
  • Handle creation of all SKUs and submission to each platform holder
  • Work with QA to fix bugs and certification issues across all platforms